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Women's Health Care Services
At Indian River Memorial Hospital

Focus on Women

Women face many special challenges and changes with their health throughout their lives, with different needs that deserve specialized care.

At Indian River Memorial Hospital, we recognize your needs and offer the kind of personal care that can mean a difference to your health and happiness.

Many of our programs and services have been designed by women, and include the input of physicians, nurses, therapists or counselors, women in our community, and women from our hospital staff. At Indian River Memorial Hospital, you’ll find these programs dedicated to women’s health:

Obstetrics/Gynecology Referrals

If you need help finding an Obstetrician or Gynecologist, call our free Physician Referral service at (772) 563-IRMH (4764). We'll be happy to help you find a doctor on our staff who meets your needs, and provide you with his or her educational background, and board certification. Please look under "Medical Information" on this site for a complete listing of IRMH physicians by last name or specialty. Current printed rosters are available in the front lobby.


We encourage women to ask their doctors about mammography since early detection has been shown to be a lifesaver in many cases of breast cancer. Mammography services at Indian River Memorial Hospital are accredited by the American College of Radiology and the Federal Drug Administration, which means that the hospital uses board certified physicians and technologists for each procedure. We also utilize approved equipment to produce the highest quality image with the lowest level of exposure to the patient, and adhere to high standards of film production and exposure.

The American Cancer Society has developed the following guidelines for detection of breast cancer in women:

  • Women 20 years and older should perform breast self-examinations monthly.
  • Women between the ages of 20 and 40 should have a breast examination by a physician every three years.
  • Women between 40 and 49 should have an examination of the breast annually and a mammogram every one to two years.
  • Women over 50 should have a mammogram every year.


Mammograms that reveal abnormalities of the breasts are often benign and reveal no health risk, but to ensure the safety of your health, a breast biopsy may be conducted. We offer two types of testing procedures for breast cancer: surgical and non-surgical. A non-surgical breast biopsy, an alternative to invasive surgery, is used to check for non-cancerous and cancerous lumps. Stereotactic large-core breast biopsy unit, Mammotest, is available at Indian River Memorial Hospital. Our Mammotest unit is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology, the first accredited large-core breast biopsy unit on the Space and Treasure Coasts. A large-core breast biopsy is often less costly, less painful, and requires less recovery than a surgical biopsy. For more information on non-surgical biopsies for breast cancer.

Education and Wellness

We sponsor health lectures monthly with many topics focusing on women’s health. Issues such as heart disease, thyroid disease, weight control and maintenance, stress management and reproduction are discussed and explained at the health lectures.

Sweet Dreams
It All Begins With A Dream
At Indian River Memorial Hospital, we're honored to share in the dreams of each of our parents. As your only community, not-for-profit hospital in Indian River County, we're proud of our history of caring. Since 1932, we've delivered over 35,000 babies and cared for thousands of families.

Dreams of Home
Our maternity wing features beautiful birthing rooms for labor, delivery and recovery all in the comfort of a single private room. Each room features the comforts of home like a private bathroom, whirlpool bath, rocking chair, recliner, videocassette player and  DVD. You'll also find the safety only a hospital can provide from our fetal monitoring systems to our quick response staff. Following delivery, you'll spend the remainder of your stay in a private room on the postpartum unit.

Quality Care
We've combined comfort with the medical expertise and technology you and your baby deserve. With board certified obstetricians, you have a choice of a physician who best meets your unique needs. If you prefer, a certified nurse midwife will guide you through the birth process. We are the only hospital in Indian River County to offer this alternative.

The IRMH Birthing Package
If your family is growing on a budget, IRMH offers a special pricing package through Partners in Women's Health located at the Indian River Medical Center. A flat fee covers prenatal care by your obstetrician or midwife at Partners in Women's Health, childbirth education classes and hospital charges for a normal delivery of your healthy baby. For details.

Preparing For Your New Addition
The Women's Health Care Unit reflects our commitment to family education. Our philosophy stresses the importance of learning all that you can about the wonders of the birth experience and what to expect after you bring your new baby home. During and after your pregnancy, classes are available in childbirth preparation for parents and siblings, baby basics, breast feeding and more.

Home When You're Ready
Not all women are alike--that's why we deliver personalized care. We allow you to go home from the hospital when you and your physician agree that you're ready. And rest assured that if your baby needs to stay an extra day, space permitting, you can enjoy the comforts of IRMH as our guest.

So Relax...
While we take care of you and your family.
your questions or to arrange for a private tour. See for yourself how we can bring your dreams to life.

Our Mission
The mission of the women's healthcare staff, its obstetricians, certified nurse midwives and pediatricians, is to provide quality, cost effective, family centered care in a safe and supportive environment.