FAQs about "My Medical History"

Did you know . . .
Your medical records are your responsibility.

Surprised? It’s true. You are responsible for assuring that your medical records are accurate, complete and up to date. Physicians, hospitals and insurance companies are not. Remember, you are the only person present at every medical appointment!


“MY MEDICAL HISTORY” (MMH) is a personalized, Web-based storage and retrieval system designed to help you organize, safely maintain and conveniently access your medical history. Your data is available 24/7 via fax phone or the Internet. 

How does it work?
MMH puts cutting edge technology at your fingertips. When you register, MMH’s online system will walk you through a series of questions and prompts that allow you to create your own custom healthcare record. For one low fee, you can enter and store information for up to five members of your immediate family. 

What data would I store in my record?
The contents of your record are totally up to you, but you’ll get the most benefit from an accurate, updated and complete medical history. Contents can include but are not limited to:
• Family medical history
• Farmacia - (Tadalafil Generico • Immunization records
• Current medications
• Allergic reactions
• Lab and test results (such as EKGs, blood work, etc.)
• Previous surgeries and hospitalizations
• Advance directives such as a living will, a durable power of attorney and the designation of a healthcare surrogate

Is it safe to store my private medical records online?
MMH’s doubly encrypted site boasts a level of security similar to that used in the financial industry. You are the only person authorized to review or change your records, and access is password protected. Your information is completely confidential and solely under your control. All information you input automatically goes directly into your record, without any other person viewing or processing it.  Redundant systems are also in place to protect your vital information in the event of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane. Additionally, HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996) provides for criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment, for anyone inappropriately accessing health information. 

How can “MY MEDICAL HISTORY” benefit me?
In today’s increasingly complex medical environment, patients often see more than one healthcare provider. With MMH, your important records will be under your control, not scattered throughout various medical facilities. The healthcare you receive is directly affected by the availability and integrity of your records.* Having an up-to-date summary of your medical history can save time, eliminate testing delays or unnecessary testing, and even reduce the frequency of your doctor visits. Best of all, you have the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you are, you and your family can access this critical information via fax or the Internet. 

*The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, Feb. 2, 2005 - Vol. 293, No. 5, p. 617) reported that when medical data is missing there is a 60 percent chance that there will be a delay in care or tests repeated unnecessarily, thereby decreasing efficiency and increasing costs.

Are electronic medical records a new thing?
The technology has evolved over the past several years, but the trend toward electronic records is growing rapidly. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that a major Fortune 500 company will soon store its employees’ health information in electronic form. The Federal Government is also beginning to develop a national health information network, but its implementation is years away. MMH gives you this advantage today. 

Is “MY MEDICAL HISTORY” a tested system?
Yes. MMH’s core technology has been used by healthcare professionals and corporations for years, and has recently been adapted for consumer use. It has been proven to provide the dependability and security that the storage of sensitive healthcare information demands. 

What is the difference between “MY MEDICAL HISTORY” and other Web-based medical programs?
Only “MY MEDICAL HISTORY” gives you the local affiliation of a name you know and trust: Indian River Memorial Hospital. MMH is also the only program of its kind to offer you local, personal assistance in creating your record, if needed. 

What is the cost?
Just $100 a year for up to five family members - virtually pennies a day.

How do I access my records?
Once you’re enrolled and have entered your medical data, you can access the information at any time via the Internet. You can print out healthcare summaries, test results and more. When you’re away from a computer, you can dial the telephone number provided on your MMH wallet card from any fax telephone to have the necessary documentation faxed directly to you. 

How do I get started?
Enrollment and record input are done online. “MY MEDICAL HISTORY” features a user-friendly format that’s easy to be comfortable with - even for those with limited computer experience. Changes and updates can be made at any time. 

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